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Parent-Student handbook

RMC Irish Dancers

Parent/Student handbook



Rince Mo Chroi Irish Dancers are a local, traditional Irish Dance group under the
direction of a world championship Irish Dancer, Brittany Hying. We strive to
help dancers of all ages learn the traditions of Ireland focusing on the
traditional aspects of Irish dance. We encourage dancers to develop self
confidence and poise both on and off of the stage.





Little Lambs

A pre-beginner class especially for our littlest dancers! Children, ages 3-4 can come and learn about timing, positions and beginner steps. Also open to 2 year olds with an adult.

Recreational Irish Dance

This is a class for all ages and all levels of dancers who are interested in learning the art form as a fun and social outlet. In this class we will learn traditional ceili dances, traditional solo steps and some modern Irish. Some participation in shows is available to the dancers in this class.


Show-y” Irish Dance

"Show-y" Irish Dance is geared towards highly motivated dancers
who are interested in competitions and shows. Students in this class will learn the technical aspects of Irish dance, the meaning of teamwork, and have opportunities to showcase their dances to a variety of audiences.
      The dancers in this class will make up our core show group, be expected to attend most shows and be encouraged to participate in optional competitions.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are also available to any individuals or small groups interested.



2.      DRESS CODE
All dancers are asked to adhere to our dress code as it is in place to benefit
them. All dancers will arrive at class in a “RMC Irish Dancers” t-shirt, or a
solid black or white t-shirt. Boys will wear black shorts that allow for good
movement and visible knees and ankles. Girls will wear modest black shorts or
skorts that also keep knees and ankles visible. All dancers are encouraged to
wear exciting socks that draw attention to their beautiful footwork.

Registration forms are required before a dancer is allowed to join a class. All families
have the choice of paying tuition weekly or by session. If paying weekly, tuition
is due before each class. If paying per six week session, tuition is due no
later than the second class of the session. A discount is applied to all
session payments.

for hour long classes are $10.00 per class or $50.00 for six classes.

for half hour long classes are $5.00 per class or $25.00 for six classes.

All dancers are welcome to join us for many different show and competition
opportunities throughout the year. After being invited to participate in a
show, each dancer/family is expected to accept or decline within an acceptable
amount of time. Competitions fall into two categories: digital and location.
Dancers are required to pay all competition fees for both types. Location
competitions are offered throughout the year and throughout the country.
Dancers are responsible for their own travel/food/lodging during location


We work hard to maintain a positive, healthy and productive learning environment
for all students. All students are expected to behave in a responsible and
disciplined manner and adhere to the rules and code of conduct, as these are
designed to make dance pleasant for all involved.  These should be followed at dance class,
during competitions and outside in the greater community as dancers and family
members are representatives of the RMC Irish Dancers.

Students are expected to treat staff and peers with respect and dignity and maintain a positive attitude. RMC Irish Dancers reserve the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct or attitude is found to be unsatisfactory. Please respect the
expertise and decisions of the director.

 Parents code of conduct

1. Support all dancers, even those not related to you.

2. No Negative comments to or about any dancer or parent. You will be amazed
how fast gossip travels in a dance studio. Comments taken out of context can
snowball into ridiculous, petty, damaging and hurtful arguments between
parents, dancers and faculty.

3. No Negative comments about other dance organizations or studios are

4. Please refrain from giving comments to dancers from the sidelines.

5. Have a great time watching your children grow and learn! Remember that every
parent wants their children to be the best they can be, even though we know
that, along with the successes, there will be failures. It is a natural part of
growing up and learning from those experiences is what makes us who we are.

6. Always give positive feedback to dancers after they perform. Let them be
proud of their performance.

7. Please refrain from getting involved in negative discussions naming dancers,
schools or federations on internet chats, boards and social media.

Dancers Code of Conduct

1. Have fun!

2. Respect all classmates and instructors.

3. No talking in rehearsals or classes.

4. Dress code is strictly enforced.

5. No gossiping.

6. No negative comments to or about anyone.

7. Come to classes and rehearsals prepared. This is called “work ethic”. Always
give 100% effort. This is called “heart”. This will pay off in the end, I promise.

8. No sitting down in class or rehearsal, unless authorized by your instructor.
Even if you are not dancing during a particular sequence, you should be
practicing in the back of the class.

9. Tell your instructor before rehearsal if you are ill or have an injury.

10. Work together as a team. Support each other with positive feedback.
Remember that everyone will have his or her time to shine.

11. Never say negative comments about any other school/federation or dancer
from another school/federation

Attendance and absences

Dancers are expected to attend each of their scheduled classes, arriving in a timely
manner, ready for class. If a dancer will be absent to class they are required
to inform the teacher a minimum of one hour before the start of class. Dancers
will not be reimbursed for missed classes.

 Promotion Policy

Dancers involved in competition move through the levels according to the rules of NAIDF (posted on Dancers choosing
to refrain from competition will be taught steps and styles only as they are
ready to progress.

All dancers please note: Irish Dance is learned/taught in a building block fashion.
A dancer cannot progress to more difficult movements or styles until the mastery
of simpler ones. Practice at home is a vital part of this process. Without it,
progress will be very slow, if at all.

Building rules

Dancers and family attending classes are expected to leave everything as it is found.
Please respect the buildings and their keepers, and remember that anything left
out of place makes more work for the teachers. We are very thankful for the
dance spaces, and we want to keep a good working relationship with each. Let’s
be remembered at each space as the ones who were respectful, not the slobs!

Emergency closing procedures

In the event of inclement weather we will follow the local school closings.
Closings will also be listed on the RMC website (, and on
local radio stations.

Volunteers are vital to our program running smoothly. Please try to stay involved with
your child and together we will keep the RMC Irish Dancers going strong!


-Assumption of Risk: I hereby certify that I/my child/children am/is/are in good physical condition and able to participate fully in RMC Irish dancers Irish
Dance program in which I/he/she/they am/is/are registered.

-Release of liability: I hereby release RMC Irish Dancers, its teachers, WBA and all
dance locations from liability in case of accident or injury, howsoever caused.

-Medical Emergencies: All current medical conditions and those requiring medication have been disclosed on the registration form. I understand that in the event of a
medical emergency, a representative of RMC Irish dancers will notify me as soon as possible at the phone numbers I have provided. In then event that I cannot be contacted to provide consent, I hereby authorize a representative of RMC Irish
to give consent for any medical treatment that may be required for
my child. I understand the representative of RMC Irish Dancers will use her best judgment in obtaining such service for my child and that I will be responsible for any reasonably related expense.

-Media Release: RMC Irish Dancers (and NAIDF in the case of competition) has my
permission to use photos and video of my child/children, taken at dance
functions, on the schools website (,
for any promotional material and social media websites (such as Facebook and YouTube).
My child may/may not be named in public media (newspapers, facebook, etc.)

-Payment Policies: Payment plan is to be determined upon registration as weekly or by session. Weekly payments must be made before the beginning of each class.
Session payments must be paid no later than the beginning of the second class
of the session.

-Costume rental: Costume rental payment plan is to be determined upon registration in accordance with the costume rental agreement.

-Missed classes: Missed classes may be made up at a different location within the same session as the missed class. All missed classes are non-transferable to another student or session.

Name of child__________________________ Class:_____________________

Name of child__________________________ Class:_____________________

Name of child__________________________ Class:_____________________

Your family tuition payment choice:



___Costume agreement form turned in

I have read and understand the handbook and the above items. I accept and agree
to all terms stated above and also in the RMC student/parent handbook.

Parent Signature


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